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240 pages & 450 color photographs: ‘De Groene Zee’ portrays the rich life in the North Sea – from marine mammals, rays & sharks to the smallest shrimps- but also topics like plastic pollution, Haringvliet, the Wadden Sea, the changing coastline and research. With unique photography!

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Portraying the not-so-sexy-sharks…

Ask people what they know about sharks, and they will give you the ‘Discovery’ terminology: killers, awesome, beasts, dangerous, sharkfin soup and the lot. Ask […]

Documenting Giant Skate Research in Orkney

As photographer of the Dutch Shark Society, I documented the work of the Orkney Skate Trust, that is supported by World Wide Fund for Nature […]

A seahorse in Dutch waters

The last decade, I have mainly focused on taking pictures of large predators and seascape. My favourite subjects by far. But as you have probably […]


Peter Verhoog is proud to work for the Dutch Shark Society ( and several other NGO’s and Universities, a.o. the Wordlife Fund for Wildlife Netherlands, Australian Institute of Marine Science and Global Finprint.


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