Peter Verhoog was born in 1955. He learnt to dive in 1976, and took his first underwater photographs in 1978.

During his journeys he encountered nearly every underwater creature imaginable: from miniature shrimps to great white sharks. His work also frequently portrays the subtle beauty of the coral reef structures with their complex and vulnerable biotopes. He captures the great predators of the blue waters, the creatures inhabiting the colorful coral reefs of tropical waters, but also the fascinating shapes and animals in the green Dutch sea.
Peter Verhoog stands out of the crowd because of his own specific style in underwater photography, characterized by the exquisite use of both available and artificial light. He was one of the first photographers using twin strobes, for which he developed special photography techniques.

Together with his wife Georgina Wiersma he published the book ‘De Groene Zee’, an extensive, fullcolor guide to the marine flora and fauna of the Dutch waters, Underwater Magic – The Art and Sharks – Close Encounters.

The last years, Peter has mainly been working as conservation photographer, focusing on marine research, especially sharks and rays. He was staff photographer for several organizations, and is now a director and photographer for the Dutch Shark Society.

Since the beginning of 2018, Peter is also a certified drone pilot and flies with two registered Yuneec hexacopters.

You can check out his videos, both under and above the surface on:



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