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Portraying the not-so-sexy-sharks…

Ask people what they know about sharks, and they will give you the ‘Discovery’ terminology: killers, awesome, beasts, dangerous, sharkfin soup and the lot. Ask […]

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Documenting Giant Skate Research in Orkney

As photographer of the Dutch Shark Society, I documented the work of the Orkney Skate Trust, that is supported by World Wide Fund for Nature […]

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Fishermen catching bait for tuna fisheries

Apart from ordinary photography, I have been working on conservation photography for a few decades. On my trip with Global Finprint in the Maldives we […]

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Cool dive into the unknown!

During a trip to Scotland I met Jonas Follesø, head of technology of Blue Eye Robotic. He showed me a video of a Chimaera Monstrosa, […]

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Over under

Above and below water Sometimes, there are moments that you just have to grab the opportunity you are given. Photography is all about seeing things, […]

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What to do when you find a dugong!

  The dugong is a large marine mammal, sometimes called a “sea cow”  because of its’ diet of sea grass. It lives in parts of […]

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Residency of white sharks, at the Neptune Islands Group Marine Park, Australia

More information about the research of tagging great white sharks, see the link below! Huveneers & Lloyd 2017 Watch the video: Great white shark tagging […]

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Don’t bite the hand that feeds you: to feed sharks or not?

I love shark diving. I love observing sharks, taking pictures and making videos of sharks. And I have done so for many years. Sometimes for […]

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Our new book is nearly there!

Our new book is nearly there! It described the wonders of our own North Sea and Zeeland waters. Georgina Wiersma wrote the texts, I was […]

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Is Pole-and-Line fishing for tuna really still that sustainable?

Pole-and-line fishing is a simple approach to catching tuna with a hooked line attached to a pole (Majkowski 2003b). Vessels tend to be up to […]

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