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Ghostfishing Foundation: Ghost net recovery North Sea in 2014

Every dive, scuba divers are confronted with ‘ghost fishing’, a serious problem – not only for marine life, but also for divers, who can get entangled in abandoned fishing gear. But we can do something about it by cleaning up!

Lifting a large net

End of salvage season North Sea: 29,000 kg of nets collected

The last salvage trip of the season we collected 6,000 kg of nets from the North Sea. This brings the total for the year to 29,000 kg of nets recovered and collected in the Dutch and Belgian North Sea and offered for recycling. This is almost 10,000 kg more than last year!

In 2014 the number of diving teams working in the North Sea to remove ghost nets has grown. With us, there are now three diving teams (Duikteam Zeester, EcoDuikers) and one salvage company (Noordzee Nettenvrij) working for the Healthy Seas initiative. Together we have spent 16 days recovering nets from the sea floor. In 2014, two depots have been opened to store the salvaged nets on land. In addition, a special facility has been opened for fishermen to hand in their old nets. With these partners the Ghostfishing Foundation is working towards a cleaner and healthier sea.

Diver cutting nets from the wreck

Have a look at the 2014 season in the full gallery!




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