Global FinPrint expedition Maldives

Global FinPrint is a worldwide effort to assess coral reef sharks and rays, understand how they affect these vanishing ecosystems, and inform emerging conservation actions.

In June 2015, the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation pledged seed funding over three years to initiate the Global FinPrint Project. Six individuals form the core team: Dr. Demian Chapman (Stony Brook University, USA), Dr. Michael Heithaus (Florida International University, USA), Dr. Aaron McNeil (Australia Institute of Marine Science; AIMS), Dr. Colin Simpfendorfer (James Cook University, Australia), Dr. Michelle Heupel (AIMS), and Dr. Mark Meekan (AIMS). Collectively, these principal investigators lead a team of postdoctoral researchers, graduate students, volunteers, and citizen scientists.

I joined the team in the Maldives.

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