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Green Seas / De Groene Zee

It has 240 pages and 450 pictures. Many are made by Peter, but we also were granted the use of the best work of Dutch and Belgian photographers – who each have their own expertise. Peter is a wide angle specialist, focussing on larger marine life large sharks and rays and seascapes and drone photography, others are specialist in macro life! Meet the team here.

We are also very happy with our sponsors:

  • Wereld Natuur Fonds
  • Sportvisserij Nederland
  • Nationaal Park Oosterschelde
  • Stichting de Noordzee
  • Natuurmonumenten
  • Dutch Shark Society


We first wrote a concept, and sourced our own and other photographs to add. Which subjects just HAD to be covered? We added several chapters about nature conservation and research, like the one on plastic pollution. But there is also info about the mussel and oyster culture, fisheries and coastal works that are carried out to protect Holland against the seas.

The book was roughly based on the previous version, but has many chapters and unique photographs.

Want a copy? The book is in Dutch only, and copies can be ordered through

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