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How do you capture an explosion of colours?


How do you capture an explosion of colours?

The Red Sea is a beautiful environment, that offers many opportunities to use a fisheye lens.
In this photo the colour explosion is overwhelming. It is therefore important to keep about one third of the photo free of the soft corals. Otherwise, the colours became one big colour blur, and the model will be almost invisible. The balance in the picture will be gone.
When making this picture, I was swimming in a channel in a reef system, where the rays of sun fell through the gaps in the reef.
These make a wonderful addition to your picture, and adds extra depth and light and dark contrasts. Adding a model makes it even better. Be sure to clearly communicate what kind of picture you want to make, so your models knows how far to swim and where.
I always wait until my model exhales and the exhaust bubbles are separated from the diver. Otherwise, you could end up with a ‘mass’ of bubbles that hide his or her face and spoil your picture. Your model should also look at subject, never in the camera and have a good diving style. We all love Kermit, but not the way he swims.

I also looked at the big forest with brightly coloured soft corals. Looking carefully, you can discover ‘lines’ int it. From top to bottom in the middle pink, red and red-yellow coral.
To the left, a thin line of orange soft corals runs through a large red soft coral forest.
Especially here it is important that the busy colours form a balance in the photo.
In addition, the passage with a diagonal line of light, the light on the right wall and the blue of the open water paint a strong picture.
This is difficult to photograph. Take your time!

Photo data:

  • 1/125 sec
  • F/11
  • ISO 400
  • Camera: Nikon D700
  • Lens: Nikon 16mm fisheye
  • Sealux underwaterhousing

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