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Conservation Photograpy: whale sharks at Ningaloo

In the last few years, I have spent quite some time taking pictures for several (shark) research projects. One of them was the whaleshark research for the Australian Institute of Marine Science by Dr. Mark Meekan and this team at Ningaloo Reef. The pictures were used in several newspapers and for several research papers. Wonderful work!

Mark has been monitoring whale sharks through tagging and photo ID since 2005. He and his team have been attaching tracking devices and cameras to the whale sharks, that have revealed some startling facts. Tag data have revealed that whale sharks seem to head out in different directions. Some go to Southeast Asia, others swim up north to Indonesian waters and some head for the open ocean. During their journeys, whale sharks can travel 30 kilometers a day and make deep dives to over 1,000 metres.

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