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Above and below water

Sometimes, there are moments that you just have to grab the opportunity you are given. Photography is all about seeing things, observing your surroundings.
During a shark research trip with Global Finprint in the Maldives, I saw this seaplane moored at one of the islands. I told the research team that I wanted to take a picture from below the surface, and that I needed to do this right NOW, before the plane would leave. Someone asked me if it would be allowed, but I did not hesitate. I have no idea about sea plane regulations…
I instructed my Italian dive buddy and team mate Francesca Miccolla (with whom I had been diving for weeks) that all she had to do was to pose under the wing at a depth of around three meters. We rolled backwards and entered the water.
She is an experienced diver, and once she was in the right position, I started taking photographs. I wanted to have the houses of the island in the frame as well.
My dome is 20 cm in diameter, so I needed a flat water surface, with no current. I was lucky, because normally there is always a current running along a Maldivian atoll. And pushing the button at the right moment can be really difficult in half metre waves…
I normally clean my dome with a simple detergent without lemon or aggressive ingredients, so the water drops run off. I set the camera to matrix light meting, which is ideal in this case, as I had several subjects.
When I started shooting, I saw that our expedition boat returned to pick us up again. Time was of the essence! I saw Francesca, the houses, the plane, the boat the sky. I loved it. When the wave was at its lowest point, I pushed the shutter.
I am so happy with this shot!

Photo data:

  • 1/800 sec
  • F/11
  • ISO 800
  • Camera: Nikon D700
  • Lens: Nikon 16mm fisheye
  • Sealux underwaterhousing

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