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Peter has worked for several non-profit foundations, like IUCN, Save Our Seas, the Ghost Fishing Foundation and the Dutch Shark Foundation. See more conservation work in the Conservation Photography Gallery!

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Download the poster made for the Dutch Shark Society for free here.

Partner Organizations

Peter Verhoog is proud to work for the Dutch Shark Society
and several other NGO's and Universities, a.o. the Wordlife Fund for Wildlife, Australian Institute of Marine Science and the Ghostfishing Foundation.

All images © Peter Verhoog 2000-2014

All rights reserved / Images can only be used with prior written permission of the photographer.


Ghostfishing Foundation: Ghost net recovery North Sea in 2014

Every dive, scuba divers are confronted with ‘ghost fishing’, a serious problem – not only for marine life, but also for divers, who can get […]

New Gallery: Great whites of Guadelupe!

Recently, I travelled to Guadelupe to capture the great whites in open water. Due to the high water temperature, there were fewer sharks than normal: […]

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